Monday, 12 May 2014

Its tricky...

...getting back into this blogging business.
Not the writing part, or even taking the photos, but the simple act of navigating blogger! I don't remember it being this tricky before although maybe it's the hardware being difficult. I seem to think that I stopped trying to update on the iPad before because it was so tricky but now even the laptop is playing silly games, losing photos, putting them in the wrong place, and generally making things untidy. Still, practice makes perfect, and I'm sure I must be doing something wrong because everybody else seems to manage.

Anyway...back to the wallhanging

So far I've appliqued, stacked, cut and and mixed up, and now its time to start stitching it back together again.  Now I've used contrasting strips to join first one way...

..and then the other until the block  fits back together again.

It is now back to the size it started (in theory), and all the lines and applique line back up again.  And then do it again, 3 more times!

There's no significance at all to the fact that this one is turned around, thats just the way it happened to be when I took the photo.

Then I need to begin joining the blocks back together.

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